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"Texas is emphatetically a Masonic Country: Our National Emblem, The Lone Star from emblems selected by Freemasonry, to illustrate the Five moral virtues-it is a five pointed star, and alludes to the five points of fellowship"
-George K Teulon, Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas 1844


A brief history of masonry in Texas

It was March of 1835 when six Masons met in the town of Brazoria under an old oak tree.  They were granted a charter from the Grand Lodge of Louisianna and the very first lodge in Texas was formed.  Holland Lodge #36, named after the Grand Master of Louisianna, John Henry Holland.  Anson Jones was the first Worshipfull Master of the lodge.  Holland lodge was followed by Milam Lodge #40 in Nacogdoches and McFarland #41 in San Augustine.  The lodge and it's contents were destroyed during the Texas Revolution.  The lodge re-opened in Houston in October of 1837.  The three lodges met in December of 1837 to organize the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas with Sam Houston presiding.  Anson Jones was elected as the first Grand Master.  After surviving two world wars and the great depression, membership continued to grow and the Grand Lodge of Texas was erected in Waco in 1948. 



Did you know?
The first Mason to enter Texas was Major Zebulon M. Pike.  Pikes Peak was named after him.



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